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James Brundege james at bioquery.com
Fri Jul 6 00:58:56 EDT 2007

Thanks for the responses about commercial Java apps.  I wanted to 
estimate the proportion of different types of apps (based on how they're 
deployed), so rather than write down all the products I could think of 
(which could skew the results toward the types of apps I care about) I 
wanted a more-or-less random list of companies. I got 15 companies, 
which is a pretty small sample so the results probably aren't that 
accurate. Nevertheless, here's the numbers:

Server    42%
Desktop    21%
Hosted    21%
Component    13%
Plugin    4%

I thought about breaking it out by product but decided that would 
probably be less accurate (at least with this sample). It's often hard 
to know where to draw the line between products when most have multiple 
editions or come in suites. Instead I just counted companies, but a 
single company could go into multiple categories if they sell more than 
one type of product. If anyone wants the raw numbers, let me know.

This was just a quick and dirty analysis to get an idea about what types 
of products are out there, but I do actually need some real marketing 
data and I don't know how to get it. I tried the SAO who were no help 
and probably don't have any useful data. I may try some magazines like 
the JDJ next.

Anyone know how to get this kind of market research?

Thanks again for the responses!

James Brundege wrote:
> Hey all,
> I need to do some market research and could use your help. I'm trying to 
> put together a picture of how many companies in Oregon sell software, 
> what fraction of them sell products written in Java, and what type of 
> products those are (installable server apps, internet apps, desktop 
> apps, component libraries, plugins, etc). If you know of, or work for, 
> any software companies that sell commercial applications written in Java 
> please let me know what type of product it is. I'll send a summary of 
> the results to the list.
> Thanks in advance!
> James
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