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Date: Tuesday January 19th 6:30pm

Topic: Behavior Driven Development with the Spock Specification Framework

A brief introduction to Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and use of the Spock Specification Framework to achieve BDD. This presentation will provide a solid starting point for building BDD specifications in Spock and provide direction in which expand your knowledge of BDD as you delve into the Spock eco system.
  • Overview of what BDD is and how it differs from Automated Testing
  • Building a Specification with Spock from the ground up to achieve BDD
  • Using Spock's built in Mocking framework to mock data and test interactions
  • Data Driven Testing using Spock's Data Tables and Data Pipes
  • Brief Introduction to Properties Based Testing and use of Spock Genesis for data generation
  • How to utilize Specifications as Documentation
  • Other odds and ends of the Spock Framework

Jamie L. Smyth Through the course of nearly 20 years in professional software development, Jamie has promoted many rising paradigms that are in common practice today, including the use of Asynchronous Communication, Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State, Test Driven Development, and many others. Currently Jamie is brining Continuous Delivery and Deployment Automation to and Behavior Driven Development and Automated Testing are key components of this strategy. Jamie lives by the mantra that software should be a pleasure to use and create.

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