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Date: Tuesday Aug 19th 6:30pm

Topic: Data Visualization in the Cloud - Cobbling together a real-world solution with Mongo, Morphia, Spring, Web Services and Google Charts

Defn:"Cobble" - "Put together something from available parts or elements"

We will take a real world problem and architect (aka cobble) an open source KISS solution (using parts from multiple previous PJUG talks!).

The goal is to have cloud based charts and graphs available to the marketing guys when the data sources are not. We will roll up multiple local MySQL databases into a cloud based Mongo database using JSON services and Morphia java objects. We will then create new JAX-RS services to supply DataTables to a GWT implementation of Google Charts.

Voila! Marketing department is now happy
(Well, no they are never happy - just placated)

Speaker: Jon Batcheller
Jon Batcheller is a Java programmer, bar owner, teacher, veterinarian, auctioneer and founder of PJUG some 16 years ago!

This Month's Meeting Location:
Downtown Campus (MAP)
8th Floor - Room 8005 Pacwest Center
1211 SW 5th Avenue Portland, Oregon

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